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Health Project Family Service Program

We are an independent nonprofit comprised of connected and well-respected child development experts, trusted to identify and foster innovative education programs and partnerships.

Inadequate school health promotion and protection adversely affect school attendance, effective learning and inclusion of students with learning disabilities and special needs.

To complement School health programmes to increase health promotion and protection; encourage attendance and facilitate effective learning; and strengthen detection and referral coordination for children with learning disabilities and special needs in partner schools.  CLED Ghana strategically support  assessment and intervention coordination for students at risk of visual and hearing impairments; mental health and access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities.

CLED Ghana also provides learning opportunities for medical volunteers and interns interested in school health promotion like WASH, child welfare clinics, ENT, and other health issues in  partnership with local schools and hospitals in Kasoa Municipality.

Why Family Service Program

Many educators and experts believe that parental involvement is equally important as any professional to the success of the educational experience of children with special educational needs. However, the most common reaction of parents is to send the child for lots of tuition, and to be very frustrated with the child. In addition, some parents neglect their children’s learning problems, and many do not seem to realize how serious the problem is.

Therefore, CLED Ghana supports, educates, and inspires families to build bright futures for their children and youth with learning disabilities and other special needs. We also offer service coordination for parents to access appropriate school placement, government policies and other community support services.

We also welcome volunteers and interns interested in learning and sharing their experience to support our family service program.

To volunteer or support our Family Service Program email: or whatsapp: +233 249199499.


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