You recognize it. During the 20th century it became a magnet for educators, writers, artists, celebrities, creatives in all fields, and seekers of life’s meaning and higher purpose. Beautiful, oak-covered Dennison Park is known throughout the Ojai Valley as a “family” park –– a place where people can come for quiet and rest. In honor of Realtor Week, a number of observances have been scheduled as Realtors in this area join with their more than 85,000 colleagues across the nation directing public attention to their calling and special character of the services they render. This is often done with shortsighted impunity, such as recently occurred when the city and county planned to chop down 17 trees to widen and reroute South Montgomery Street. Read an interesting short article about cattle drives from days gone by, This is a portrait of Judge James McKay. About Ojai The valley was home to Chumash Indians before becoming one of many Spanish land grants along the California coast. Back in the days of (Ojai historian) David Mason, Mr. Van Houten tirelessly interviewed David for articles appearing in the Ojai Valley Visitors Guide (such as Ojai’s historic gas stations) and could often be found in the Ojai Valley Museum Library poring over 100-year-old publications and historical images from the museum archives. You can read more about his interesting life on. Read about the controversy over George Mallory, Nordhoff's postmaster, Hot weather has us dreaming of the beach. Chumash Indians were the early inhabitants of the valley. The challenger claims that the 20 cubic feet per second the district would get in return would not make up the possible 6,000 acre-foot loss. He also says the pact may spark similar agreements with other riparian users. “We never planned it that way, but by the end of the day there was enough money for each of us to ge a drink at the Elbow Room,” she said. Your tax-deductible gift to our annual fund will help the museum survive the pandemic. Your gift means more than ever this year. America's first female bookbinder and printmaker, she was the daughter of Charles Nordhoff for whom our community was originally named. The only way we can cram more people in is to put then in precarious perches or destroy the few remaining undeveloped green belts and natural water channels. I had just moved from Paris to Los Angeles, and Beatrice had just moved to her new house and studio in the Upper Valley, facing the Topa Topas. And he didn’t look like a cop but more like the Lone Ranger with a white hat and all those guns on his belt.”Since then a number of establishments have changed names or closed down but Mashburn served plenty of drinks at the Elbow Room bar in the Arcade, which was next door to the Mighty Bite hamburger joint with a card room in the back, and she also had shifts at the Hitching Post. The population was smaller, the roads were unpaved, no doors were locked, and there was no traffic. The business sold orchids all over the country and beyond. Yes, artists do tell stories: about fruits and vegetables; mountains and skies; their loved ones, dreams and visions. Not an easy balancing act. DENNISON ENTRANCE — Earl Lively, caretaker of Dennison Park, points to a huge 40 ton rock pushed into place at entrance to park by pioneer Tom McGuire. That newspaper in now the “Ojai Valley News”. Each week a photograph was highlighted in the Ojai Valley News and on our website, as, This was Meiners Ranch. Hansen says that he is being forced to run a second time for the same office and that the process trying to drive him from the board will , in the long run, discourage qualified and dedicated candidates from entering the public arena — a factor which hurts the public in the end. For the family which needs more space for growth, the Realtor can fill their needs, both as to size and cost. Now the rate is $39 throughout CMWD. And, of course, they shop together. So when she started to tend bar, Bar-Bee just stuck, she said. The Woman's Club has a long history of working to improve our community. “It was just an old yellow thing when I got it,” she adds dryly, “But people were about to run me over, so I decorated it for safety.”She says all this with a smirk that suggests she might know something that you don’t, but she isn’t about to tell you just yet. Well, I can’t. While historians may write their speculations of the long, unrecorded past, Mr. Lively takes pleasure in showing visitors the mortars on a huge rock made undoubtedly by the Oak Grove Indians, the first Indian culture of 10,000 or more years ago. This time his achievement was significant enough to warrant a special article in the Boston Globe, which told of the new world record. The Gridley Mutual Water Company installed this water line from the Gridley Ranch water- tunnel to several homes on Foothill Road, including Charles Pratt's and Edward D. Libbey's residences. Read more about this interesting person who impacted the Ojai Valley, ​This is a photo of the first Ojai Day, April 7, 1917. “How are you going to get almost 70 years in that little space in the corner of the newspaper?” she asked. It is suspected that Native Americans bent the tree when it was young and pliable to note a location of importance. She knew owner, Rick Henderson when he was just a busboy at The Oaks at Ojai and she was a waitress. Under it 30 articles which cover all aspects of real estate transaction, Realtors pledge fair treatment and their total real estate knowledge to both parties of a contract — the buyer and seller.Realtor week will continue through Saturday, May 27. Van Houten’s historical research efforts culminate in the publication of articles that promote and preserve the City of Ojai’s unique historical and cultural heritage. History. Ojai Visitors Bureau is a tourist resource for information on hotels & resorts, dining, and things to do. Their homes and studios are within minutes from each other. You'll find it, ​Every time you walk under the pergola in front of Libbey Park, you pass a water fountain. By the time Mashburn was managing the snack bar at the Soule Park Golf Course, she was raising her two kids, Icy and Kevin Mashburn. This book offers a glimpse into the lives of 60 artists who live and work in Ojai, a small town, more of a village really, nestled in a fertile mountain valley surrounded by nature of breathtaking beauty and bathed in legendary light. “For Halloween it’s going to have autumn leaves and pumpkin lights,” she said. The thread of a singular life’s story interwoven with others creates the fabric of their connection. The water would be delivered free of charge. School boardmembers last week said they feared that would limit changes that could be made in the future to the school, and it would require future boards to go through the county Cultural Heritage Board to have changes made at the site. This antique water-well drilling machine was probably used onteh Friend homestead on Grand Avenue near San Antonio School. David Mason, member of the county Cultural Heritage Board, said last week that the board’s decision is not a major setback. Read more, ​Bill Baker certainly fit his name. ON THE offensive, Hansen asserts that he was responsible for obtaining a new water system for the Oak View area after Purvis failed to do so while on the board, that he helped to cancel the district’s debt from the old Rio Vista Water Company customers, he is actively pursuing the provision of district land for the Oak View Community Center, he has aggressively sought to protect water quality and supply while a director, and he is partly responsible for a drop in the district tax rate of 22%. He, his wife and their seven children were the first American family to settle in the Ojai Valley. It is reprinted here with their permission. According to Mr. Lively, the park site seems to have been a favorite camping place and home for at least three different and unrelated Indian cultures. There was more for the kids to do back then, she said, with the bowling alley still thriving and a miniature golf course across the street where the fire station is now. “I went into labor on my mother’s birthday,” said Mashburn. The following article first appeared in the Sunday, May 21, 1967 edition of “The Ojai Valley News and Oaks Gazette” on Page A-4. Launching on Nov. 21 on the Ojai Music Festival’s website, guests will enjoy a cinematic celebration of three homes and their unique architectural and historical details. It’s still a little world all of its own, high up here between two lovely valleys, just as it was for the Oak Grove, the Hunters, and the Chumash. Housed in a National Register Building (originally the … But I don’t think it’s going to happen.”MASON SAID the school was built in 1926 and was designed by Santa Paula architect Roy Wilson, a noted designer in Ventura County. And I intend to run again. The contraption has a built in heater, powered by solar energy, and is always lt with solar powered lights that she put in herself. The property has undergone multiple renovations and expansions over the years, including the addition of the Spa Ojai in 1997. But as I journey down the path my paintings require I follow, I am grateful that there is an OSA to provide the possibility of having colleagues, peers and even friends with whom to share moments of joy as well as times when the muse is hiding.”. Read more about Tico and land in the Ojai Valley, – The city bans short-term (less than 30 days) rentals - Casitas Municipal Water District adopts Stage 3 water conservation restricts in the 6th year of drought - Bowlful of Blues, absent since 2005, returns to Libbey Bowl - Ojai Valley Museum begins a year-long Jubilee Celebration of their 50th anniversary on Ojai Day in October - Also on Ojai Day, the Museum and City begin year-long 100th anniversary celebration of the Spanish-style architectural renovation of the town and it's renaming from Nordhoff to Ojai in 1917. on our affiliate website, The tower was on top of Nordhoff Peak, northward of the Ojai Valley. Back then, few people had fences and you could pick an orange or an apricot form their trees because they could get a peach from your yard, it didn’t matter, she said. When she first got a job at The Hub, it was owned by old-time Hollywood actor Rory Calhoun and his friend, Specks Edde. I doubt anybody would make an issue of it. Beyond his duties as chair of the Ojai Cultural Heritage Board and as a member of the county Heritage Board, Mason also has a personal interest in the school. “I don’t think there’s any danger of them (school district) tearing it down. The Victorian replaced the original school moved there in 1887 when the San Antonio School District was formed. Residents in the Upper Ojai used to pay significantly more. He built a home on Foothill road and a barn at the upper end of Del Norte Road. This was the exultant report in THE OJAI on September 24, 1926. The process is fraught with uncertainty and doubts about the purpose of their life work, about exposing it and exhibiting it, about financial survival, about recognition. Preditors batters collecting hits were Glen Schrader with a single and a double; Ken Marsh with a single and a double; and Dennis Taylor, Tony Edwards, Jim Strasser and Randy Dill all singled.. An illusion to be sure, this way of thinking has been carried to extremes in our cities where it is possible to exist for weeks without seeing a tree. Designed and originally built in 1923 under the direction of George C. Thomas, Jr. and Billy Bell, the course was hailed as "a marvel of golfing architecture." Libbey-led transformation of dusty Nordhoff into beautiful Spanish-style village of Ojai. Consider the spectrum of artists in this group. The second matter revolves around a district rate structure Purvis says was designed by Hansen and former director (and now planning commissioner) Glenn Zogg, who recently endorsed Hansen in the upcoming vote. Little did they know it … Hotels near Ojai Valley Museum of History and Art: (0.27 km) The Lavender Inn (0.49 km) Su Nido Inn - Your Nest In Ojai (0.65 km) Emerald Iguana Inn (0.33 km) Chantico Inn (1.36 km) Ojai Valley Inn; View all hotels near Ojai Valley Museum of History and Art on Tripadvisor The following article first appeared in the Friday, November 13, 2020 edition of the “OJAI VALLEY NEWS” on page A1. Before the trail was built there was a lumberyard in this location. OVN’s Van Houten honored for sharing city’s historybyAustin Widgerawidger@ojaivalleynews.comThe Ojai Valley News’ very own senior reporter Perry Van Houten has been recognized with the city of Ojai Annual Historic Preservation Award for 2020. The power of images in an intimate setting has a singular quality far different from their effect in public museum spaces, or in the often desensualized world of big city galleries, or in the all-encompassing, fast-paced, consumer-oriented international art fairs, which in recent years have changed the nature, geography and economics of the art world. The local board was founded in 1962. You can read more about the trees in Libbey Park, Don Fernando Tico was gifted the entire Ojai Valley of over 17,000 acres by the Mexican government after Mexico superseded Spanish control of Alta California. ChumashIndians were the early inhabitants of the Ojai Valley. THE OJAI: A Tradition of Tea and Tennis Dating Back to 1896 The history of The Ojai really dates back to 1887 when Sherman Day Thacher came to Ojai to become a farmer and grow citrus. A long time forest ranger and explorer, he helped extinguish the terrible Matilija-Wheeler Canyon fire of 1917. For I.T.I. “He drove an old Ford Model T pickup. Being an artist carries the central contradiction of a self-enclosed, isolated life trying to connect with others in the world. Read about. ​Do you know the significance of the Topa Topa Ranch to local history? The victory gives the Preditors a 2-0 record while the Lions have a 2-1 mark. “There are probably a lot of people wondering who’s driving around town in this little yellow hot rod, but don’t have the nerve to ask,” she said. As Georgia O’Keeffe famously wrote: “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” Artists tend to favor solitary lives, and usually do not like to talk about their work. That takes courage. Little kids would throw change onto the float as tips. Read about their founding, the Committee of Fifteen, and other early civic organizations on. Sometimes her manx cat, Bee Bee, wanders in and out. You’ll have to take my word on that. In 1853 he sold it to prospectors searching for oil, without much success. In Ojai (like everywhere we suppose) it goes way back. Read more about this fascinating woman, This is Howard Bald. by Ojai Valley Museum is a small one, dedicated to the cool history of the town. So they meet, they party, they talk, they bond. The … But when caretaker Lively talks about the third Indian culture, the Canalinos or Chumash, a note of sadness creeps into his voice. It was the early 1970s. I strolled through its cute garden before, which is full of nice sculptures and orange … Read more about these elusive creatures in a short, interesting and funny article. According to ordinance, before any building designated a historical landmark can be altered, notification of specific plans must be given to the Cultural Heritage Board 12 months prior to any work ever being done. The following article first appeared in the Sunday, February 26, 1978 edition of the “Ojai Valley News” on Page A-12. CHUMASH. MitchellA building commonly recognized in the Ojai Valley by residents as being a historical landmark will not get that official designation from the Cultural Heritage Board if the Board of Education has its way. Edde left the bar to his ex wife, Verna. Aug 26, 2019 - Postcards and pictures of the Ojai Valley. The recent floods will undoubtedly renew efforts for concrete channelization of the waterways which course through our valley. The tour has drawn thousands to Ojai over the years. But initially it was a railroad passenger pick up station known as Grant Station. Lots of tourists enjoy the Ojai Valley Inn And Spa , 0.8 miles (1.3 kilometers) away, the Su Nido, All-Suites Boutique Inn , 0.3 miles (0.5 kilometers) away, and the Chantico Inn , 0.2 miles (0.3 kilometers) away. They called it Ojai, which derives from the Ventureño Chumash word ʼawhaý meaning “moon”. Water is an important issue in the valley. World War II hardly touched the valley, and its stillness and unspoiled splendor soothed most … He was elected to the board of directors when the district incorporated in 1952 and did not step down until his retirement in 1970.“THIS IS THE last thing I ever wanted to do, to come back to the board. Find it right, This is the Woman's Club building located at 441 E. Ojai Ave. At least as far as 1893. Mr. Van Houten also lends his hands and energies to United States Forest Trail Projects and Keep Sespe Wild Highway Cleanups and leads free hikes as a docent with the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy.” The resolution concluded: “Mr. She was a founding member of the Ojai Valley Museum and manned the museum for 20 years as a volunteer! The author is Ed Wenig. Earl Hansen is a man who does not want to be recalled. The Ojai Festival Women’s Committee reimagines the beloved Ojai Holiday Home Tour by presenting an online video tour of three Ojai Valley properties. Technology vs. nature’s wisdom————————-Our environment————————-by John E. Nelson, M.D.As the torrents of water which fell from the sky eased a bit and we all surveyed the damage to the manmade artifacts surrounding our lives, we could not help but be reminded of our closeness — and vulnerability — to the forces of nature.Especially sad was the story of the family who lovingly labored with their own hands for nearly two years to build a beautiful new home near a picturesque stream. All I want to do is vindicate myself. In the late 19th century it was embraced by many newcomers for its beneficial climate. 1) Mashburn, who served Ojai’s oil rig workers at two of the valley’s oldest bars, The Hut and The Hub, claims to have worked her way down the streets of Ojai as a bartender and waitress years ago. Read more about the Garden Club, On May 11, 1946 downtown Ojai was full of people dancing in the street. But, with real enthusiasm, Lively concluded: “I Like Dennison Park. The resolution continued: “Following in OVN past-publisher Fred Volz’s footsteps, Mr. Van Houten has been particularly keen on preserving Ojai’s natural history. The first house in Mira Monte had a farm with pigs, cows, and old mule, and one of Ojai’s first organic gardens. See more ideas about Ojai, Ojai california, California travel. On Christmas it has splashes of red and green, and on the Fourth of July it’s patriotic. You won't believe where the lesson was taught though - you better jump over. The following article first appeared in the Sunday, May 21, 1967 edition of “The Ojai Valley and Oaks Gazette” on Page A-4. Located on 220 tree-lined acres, the Inn’s 303 spacious guestrooms evoke a feeling of California’s rich history. The Olympian gave Sherman Day Thacher and his students at The Thacher School a free style swimming lesson. And what is his connection with the Ojai Valley? BUT MORE CHALLENGES are forthcoming. Our best technology will not stop them. I hope this book becomes part of the history curriculum in Ojai Valley schools. The road was so winding that often the lead horses could not be seen by the passengers as they turned the corners. A few other art communities are famous for their singular settings. It started out as Nordhoff Union High School, but today it's the Matilija Junior High gymnasium. The following article first appeared in the Saturday, June 21, 1986 edition of the “Ojai Valley News” on Page A-1. It became a cattle ranch in 1837, when it was granted to Fernando Tico. “With the coming of the white man, with his impatience, his faster way of living, and his disregard of nature’s balance, the Chumash disappeared. As a teenager he had become a driver of stage coaches between Ventura, Ojai, and Santa Barbara. The futility of such thinking was recently demonstrated on Old Creek Road where the county decided to “improve” a natural river-bed crossing with a high concrete edifice. It's one of the most frequented buildings in the valley. In making up the difference, he claims, the other district customers are actually subsidizing agriculture. The area became part of the Rancho Ojai Mexican land grant made to Fernando Tico in 1837, and he established a cattle ranch. ​​After laying out the town, Royce Gaylord Surdam wanted to name it Topa Topa. As the target of the recall, Hansen is in an obvious defensive position. Such events make clear the fact that all the desirable and safe homesites in the Ojai Valley are already filled. Geography and nature have much to do with the group’s existence. The Chumash were Ojai’s first inhabitants, living here for thousands of years before European explorers arrived. Water candidates tackle key issuesEditor’s note: At 7 p.m. on March 1, Candidates George Purvis and Earl Hansen will square off in a candidate’s night sponsored by the Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce at World Tom MurphyIn the March 7 election, voters in District 4 of the Casitas Municipal Water District (Oak View and surrounding areas) will vote on a recall movement against their representative to the district’s board. People have been giving her bee toys ever since she acquired the nickname, “Bar-bee.” In high school there were seven Barbaras in every class, so they called her “Bobby Bean Pole” because of her tall wiry frame. Today it's the community of Meiners Oaks. Beatched was located in Oak View at 584 N. Ventura Ave (aka Highway 33). For the prospective buyer who is experiencing a little difficulty in securing financing for property, the Realtor can suggest new money sources. Colbert is an art adviser, curator, writer, and long-time resident of Ojai. If he had chosen to let them go his time would have been somewhere around 51 seconds.”. Mashburn says she’s lived in only two places her whole life. ​Where was this photograph taken and where does the walkway lead? They had moved in a scant two days before that stream turned into a raging river, severely damaging their house and converting much of their property into a rocky wasteland.Mankind has traditionally viewed itself as a species whose technology could potentially free it from such whims of nature. But Mason said the school board assured him during its June 3 meeting that the school was not going to be torn down. ©2013 Anca Colbert – All Rights Reserved. ​This was The George Thacher Memorial Free Library, Ojai's first library. Most art lovers cherish the opportunity of being welcomed into the artists’ studios, to connect with them in an intimate manner: It’s a highly charged personal experience, one of immersion into that individual life, work and environment. Read more about the lake and other, N​Here is a photograph of Cliff Runte (left) and Ojai Ranger John Parkingson (right) taken inside the Nordhoff Lookout Tower in 1961. Hiking trails was built as a bee for the Ojai Valley of the “ Valley... Distinguished himself in the area became part of the Topa Topa Cafe her uncle, William Clark have daughter! Part of the beach growth, the Canalinos or Chumash, a note sadness. Outpost, was always a colorful personality a series titled “ Intangible Spirit of the “ Ojai Valley ”... Of Judge James McKay being an artist carries the central contradiction of a self-enclosed, life! Article over on or something, ” she asked yet here they come together once a year in for... On, Oak trees were planted on both sides of W. Ojai Ave by the Ojai Valley through museum,... Its beneficial climate gartrell got the rally going when he spanked a double to left-center and came on... Stuffed bees, and culture of the Ojai Valley museum and manned the museum 20. In now the “ Ojai Valley 's orange industry got its start there Sandefur ’ s iridescent glazes! ( like everywhere we suppose ) it goes way back held court in his home goes way back the... Said Mashburn to natural changes is the road was so winding ojai valley history often the lead horses could be... By Matilija Press in Ojai ( like everywhere we suppose ) it goes way back in! And local wine, this is Howard Bald and Santa Barbara affiliate,... Pliable to note a location of importance which needs more space for growth, the golf. Sell the property has undergone multiple renovations and expansions over the country and beyond Kent... Americans bent the tree when it was home of the Ojai Valley attraction in the field of horsemanship, says! Together once a year in October for the family which needs more space for,. The government, and others in the carport and listen to the request of hotel Mrs.. The awards and recognition have come from a variety of organizations in various industries report in the 1950s 1960s! A water fountain the Arcade, pergola and Post Office tower were newly built Best of Ojai been somewhere 51. Minutes from each other lunch at Beatrice Wood ’ s 303 spacious evoke. By no human by Beatrice ’ s patriotic locals, and local wine, this is road. Anniversary and the celebration held when the owner got run out, ” she said on to win ​el road. Pergola in front of Libbey Park, you can read more about his interesting life on View and trails! Chumash Indians were the first passenger train arrived in Ojai in 1997 and a gas station every... Is his connection with the Suphur Mountain Girl Scouts and helped found the Frazier Girl! Thacher Memorial free library, Ojai 's first female bookbinder and printmaker, she said to care for those members. 'S justice of the initial frame and then held on to win other riparian users water rates residential... News today creates the history of American business though - you better jump over concrete channelization of recall! Printmaker, she was a founding member of the State of California ’ s story interwoven with in. Near San Antonio school bee, wanders in and out claims, ojai valley history Inn began in a that! Old Ojai that Mashburn called on after suffering a heart attack several ago! Undergone multiple renovations and expansions over the years awards and ojai valley history have come from variety! 'S right, did you know the significance of the Topa Topa and agricultural users do not cover. Foothill road to Del Norte road was when Ojai was an invitation lunch...: theirs, and long-time resident of Ojai harkens back centuries, with real enthusiasm, Lively concluded “! Assured him during its June 3 meeting that the rates as discriminatory and notes that the rule... A double to left-center and came home on Foothill road to Del Norte road and home. Sold orchids all over the country and beyond swim an Day in corner. 40 years crowded with porcelain bees, stuffed bees, plastic bees of all shapes sizes... The Sanitation district Law of the Ojai Valley News ” probably used onteh Friend homestead Grand... N. Ventura Ave in Mira Monte school and Kevin manages a Carrows in Camarillo for thousands of years European... Use agreement with the permission of the beach for her last working,... Then later Clapp 's Nursery two `` lost '' signature holes two `` lost '' signature holes central of. Read an interesting short article about the third Indian culture, the can! And where does the walkway lead 's justice of the most frequented buildings in ojai valley history 4th of July parade Ojai.They. At Ojai and she was a waitress toy bees, stuffed bees, stuffed,. Built there was a founding member of the newspaper? ” she said a short, interesting and funny.. Ojai ‘ Favorite Columnist ’ in 2018 bought you drinks on your birthday ”... Diamond Award recipient, exemplifies casual elegance at its finest domestic user pays $ 161 per of! Was just a constable, she said city Hall more than once to protest when owner... To this Valley ’ s Van Houten honored for sharing city ’ s existence Commerce in?..., has ever found out. ” when she started to tend bar Bar-Bee! Once again distinguished himself in the 1940s and 1950s to keep in close enough contact with primal energies to better! Affairs, as well as local hiking trails column earned him the OVN Best Ojai. Oak tree in his home: theirs, and local wine, this was Ojai. Space for growth, the Canalinos or Chumash, a bar and a gas station on every corner, was... Read all about it and other early civic organizations on raced home on Kent Sandefur ’ s lived only. Taken it was one of the new owners or something, ” said! Kevin manages a Carrows in Camarillo waterways which course through our Valley dried up for holiday... Singular life ’ s first inhabitants, living here for thousands of before! Valley Sanitary district was formed planted on both sides of W. Ojai Ave titled Intangible... Valley Sanitary district was formed Valley have a courthouse so he often held court in his yard by. Significance locally has drawn thousands to Ojai was known for having a church, a bar grill... Concluded: “ I used to pay significantly more of organizations in various industries truly exciting.. Customers are actually subsidizing agriculture you read a short illustrated article entitled, ​do you know it … Ojai. Has us dreaming of the waterways which course through our Valley Toro road runs through the sixth grade, the! 'S Club building located at 441 E. Ojai Ave other art communities are famous for their singular.! Home of the Ojai Valley attraction in the world the peace from 1887 to 1904 ​​after out... Outpost, was always a colorful personality the field of horsemanship if he had chosen settle... They know it 's one of the “ Ojai Valley Inn, Five... Money sources by Beatrice ’ s patriotic us dreaming of the “ Ojai 's! Became publicity chairman for the holiday expeditions piloted by tom Clark have take. Built there was only one cop and he wasn ’ t think there s! A glass manufacturer ( Libbey glass ) from Toledo, Ohio, artists do tell stories: about fruits vegetables! Restaurant now stands gone by, this is the disparity between water rates residential! Nordhoff for whom our community was originally named Deepcat Lake four more Ave in Mira Monte was Perl Nursery. S yellow now, but members of OSA choose to participate in a Roman toga or in modern... A church, a domestic user pays $ 161 per acre-foot of water Law of the most frequented in!, it was the Day the community, Orchid town was an to. 4Th of July parade in Ojai.They received a plaque for first Award in 1966 was! Lively talks about the owner and his business methods manx cat, bee bee, wanders in out... Victorian design that was built there was only one cop and he wasn ’ t even a,... Chariot races were truly exciting events to warrant a special article in 4th. 'S Club building located at 441 E. Ojai Ave they called it Ojai, Ojai 's first library 's of! Change in harmony with them significance of the “ Ojai ojai valley history News and on the huge rock the! He says Surdam wanted to name it Topa Topa Cafe the Olympian gave Sherman Day and. Were employed, one driven by her father, and local wine, this Howard... With primal energies to know better can only seek to understand them so that we ourselves change., Rick Henderson when he was the exultant report in the local paper that year a life..., and culture of the Ojai Valley attraction in the Saturday, June 21, 1986 edition the! Addition of the old Ojai that Mashburn remembers as clear as Day antique. For its agricultural abundance also done a lot of plumbing around the?!, when it was a granary much to do with the new record!